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Comment ça marche

How is a Portrait Session organised?

Step 01


I welcome you, show you around if you don't know the studio. We sit on the sofa and take the time for a hot snack such as coffee/tea or other... I get to know you better, discuss your desires, your fears, the reasons for this session... We also observe the different outfits you have decided to bring. In short, we discover each other

Step 02 (recommended)

To be sublimated

Before moving on to the session, provided you have taken the option, a one-hour beauty treatment will be waiting for you and your companion (if there is one). Gentlemen you too will have to do a "beauty", this being that it will only concern your complexion and the effects of time on your skin. For you ladies, my make up artist will advise according to your clothes, your requests and your skin.

Step 03

Enjoy and be you!
The experience is there...

From this moment, we take advantage of the present moment, it is I who will work, guide you and create according to your desires... The Portrait photo shoot responds to a need to find oneself, to see oneself differently and to 'affirmation. 


We are going to "shoot" together in music it helps immersion (the base for me)... I would change light set, colored backgrounds,..., and you of clothes, poses, jewelry, accessories... An hour or two will have passed and I'll let you leave with a smile so that we'll meet again in a few weeks for stage 05.  

Step 04

Editing & Retouching of your photo selection

When the session is over, comes the Editing stage, which is essential, but you never see it! This is where the magic operates first of all by the choice of images that will be part of the selection that will be presented to you during the session viewing. 


Secondly these portraits will be retouched to give the quintessence of the image by adjusting the luminosity, contrast, colorimetry, ... Of course I remove certain elements (flash, foot, ...) and I will refine certain skin grains or unsightly folds of a garment, ... In order to present you the best of your session with my "paw" ... 

Step 05

The viewing session

After 4 to 6 weeks of impatience after your session: it's the pleasure moment of discovery and the choice... It's like in the cinema: A big screen, a hot drink, sparkling eyes, a sofa/armchair fluffy and go!


With a little apprehension you discover your portraits... The magic happens, a little click (a renewed confidence, a little tear, a different vision of you, ...), confidences, ... The choice will be surely difficult within the selection, such as the choice of media (Art Print, Painting, Album ...), sizes and which ones to put on this or that. 

Step 06

The handing over of the famous

The high point comes when you come une last time at the studio to come and see and have the accomplishment of this beautiful experience lived within the blasco studio ... The delivery of your supports can also be done at your place depending on the size of the paintings because yes I make sure that it either placed or hung in the rules of the art. 

Seeing your smiles during his discoveries is a real gift, seeing a little tear when discovering the purpose of a print on Art paper is magic...

Quelles sont les raisons Portrait

- What are the reasons for carrying out a session? -


These reasons can be motivated by the enhancement of who you are, what defines you, your authenticity, your differences, to break the shackles, for the pleasure of rediscovering yourself differently.


As part of a session as a couple or at least two (brother sister, mother daughter...), this is the opportunity to forge a stronger bond, a moment of complicity, a desire to freeze time .


It can also be an opportunity to find yourself, a moment out of time, a desire to combine your mind and your body in symbiosis and this will be magnified by photography and the support that I will put in place...


It is a session that meets your expectations, your needs and that wants to resemble you by sublimating you.

Studio Blasco Awards


Les collections Portraits

  • Best Value

    Portrait Lavande

    Collection qualitative en solo ou duo
    Valid for 3 months
    • Les frais de séances sont compris
    • Une séance d’une durée de 1h30
    • En studio ou en extérieur (Supp 30 euros)
    • Deux à trois tenues possibles
    • 1 Album BASIC en 20x20cm (20 photos)
    • En option: Maquillage par une make up artist
  • Portrait Tulipe

    Seul ou duo // Séance Luxe
    Valid for 3 months
    • Les frais de séances sont compris
    • Une séance d’une durée de 2h
    • En studio ou en extérieur (Supp 30 euros)
    • Trois tenues possibles
    • 1 Album Photobook 25x25cm (20 photos)
    • 2 Tirages d'Art en 30x45cm
    • En Option: Maquillage avec une make up artist
  • Portrait Jasmin

    Collection d'entrée de gamme (seul(e) ou à deux)
    Valid for 3 months
    • Les frais de séances sont compris
    • Une séance d’une durée de 1h à 1h30
    • En studio OU Extérieur (Supp 30 euros)
    • Deux tenues possibles
    • 10 Tirages d'Art en 15x20cm
    • En Option: Maquillage par une make up artist

Supplements sessions 


From 65 euros


From 50 euros


Supplement of 30 euros

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