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Identity / Permit / Visa / ...

You are looking for a professional photographer to take your administrative photos for your identity card / Passport / Permit / ANTS / ...,Do you want to be sure that your E-photos are accepted by the French administration?! So look no further you have found the solution, Studio Blasco will be the answer...

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday
Without an appointment

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Permanent Promotion

As a reminder, it's all year round:
For any identity board purchased the second board 
grimace or smile is 50%...

Identité passeport ants



By taking your identity photos at Studio Blasco for your administrative papers: vital card, identity, residence permits, passport, visa, ... This is to ensure that these are accepted at the town hall et_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_prefectures. We happen to make them for you who are: adults, teenagers, children, babies and even for your infants... 


Of course we will be able to help you by guiding you and allowing you not to make mistakes. We guarantee the conformity of your photo and your image.


Currently, there are few photographers in Vaucluse who can and want to take identity photos for you.s infants and toddlersare.  Fortunately, at studio blasco, I am trained to handle them safely in a universe adapted for them. In addition, I have the equipment to be able to take this standardized photo and that from these first days, ... On the other hand when you come count 5 to 20 minutes for your child's shot.


At Studio Blasco your standardized and regulated photos for your passport French  and foreigners are made in less than 5 minutes. Coming to a photographer means taking advantage of the experience and know-how of an image professional, it is also ensuring a positive response at the town hall ou prefectures. We can provide this service for adults, adolescents, children, babies and even for your infants... 


Being guarantorof the conformity of your photo and your image, we are respectful of providing you with a photo that complies with the standards French but also to the standards of other countries according to your requests such as Algerian, Canadian passport, ...


Make photos for children ou infants  for a French or foreign passport this cannot be improvised.  Fortunately, at studio blasco, we are trained to handle them safely in a universe adapted for them. VScount 5 to 20 minutes for shooting with your child.


Your ANTS photos are made to be able to register for a driver's license, to renew following a loss, ... At Studio Blasco, it is in less than 5 minutes that we will take this type of photo.


Note that these are photos based on a different standard to identities & passport. There is therefore a standardized photo part, a signature part and finally the whole thing is incorporated into a file which is deposited on the transport server with a single use...


We guarantee the conformity of your photo and your image. Trust your artisan photographer for the realization of these photos a little particular say ANTS photos.

The board looks like the one below.


5 reasons "why" to come to the studio and "why" to choose us


First important point, our responsiveness is our strong point because often you have a quick or even urgent need to redo your papers, especially those of your license because you have lost it, you have had it stolen..._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


To know that you can go to the Studio and to the extent of our availability, we will take your E-photos to ANTS standards immediately or by appointment to be able to have your famous pink paper.


Whether it is for an identity, passport, driving license, residence permit, I will always do my best.


The price of the board of 4 adult & child photos, whether for identity, passport, visa or driving license to NF standards, is 15 Euros (Our prices including tax in euros are given as an indication, only the prices appearing in the studio are law ). 
The price of the board 4 baby & infant photos is at the price of 20 euros like the foreign passport...


Another strong point of Studio Blasco is parking, no need to ask yourself: “Where are we going to park?” or "Are we going to have to pay for parking?" … 


We have a parking lot RESERVED AT THE STUDIO for YOU (which can hold 10 FREE places) waiting for you.


Knowing that you are less than 2 minutes from the center of Sarrians or 10 minutes from Carpentras and not even 15 minutes by the expressway to go to Avignon.


We are versatile and produce all types of identity photos for your administrative procedures.
Whether for your ANTS license with electronic signature, for your identity card, passport, or specific visa... 


We guarantee to respect the instructions and formats requested by the different institutions and to adapt if necessary. As a result, we offer more than 250 different passport photo formats applicable for more than 80 countries.


The store is open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. without an appointment and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. BY APPOINTMENT except Thursday morning when I am closed. Find us in Sarrians near Monteux, Carpentras and Aubignan in Vaucluse.

You are disabled, in EHPAD, stuck at home for medical reasons, we have a solution!

Indeed, not all professional photographers are trained or ready to travel for you who may have physical or mental mobility problems..., depending on your needs and your projects, you may need so-called administrative photos ( identity, passport, vital card, disability card, ...). 


This is why at the blasco studio, a disabled person or person with a disability will be able to have ANTS standardized photos in complete safety thanks to my training, technique, time and experience. You will be able to present yourself to the authorities in complete confidence with your identity photos whether for a disability card, a passport, an identity card, or others.


The price of the session on the move at HOME and its board of 4 ANTS approved identity photos is 65 Euros. (Our prices including tax in euros are given for information only and are subject to change at any time).

We are a reference for your foreign passport photos


My experience and know-how make Studio Blasco a benchmark for taking all types of photos for foreign papers such as passports, VISA, permits, titles de stay, ... 


I am responsible for respecting the instructions and formats requested by the various institutions. As a result, I offer you more than 250 different formats of identity photos applicable for more than 80 countries.

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Opening hours

Monday Wednesday

9 a.m. - 1 p.m.   WITHOUT APPOINTMENT

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