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Studio Blasco photographer

My name is Pierre-yves, a native of Vaucluse where I grew up and spent some of my most beautiful years of youth, it is with pleasure that today I wish to be able to be present to capture and photograph your stories and that in time …

This is why it is important to me to build your future with you from the present, so that future generations can build themselves with these memories, these landmarks.


Studio Blasco Awards


My story


With a degree in information and communication sciences and a succession of encounters and emotions that allowed me to realize that I could evolve and combine my passion for photography and video.

I continued to train with the Gobelins, (school renowned for its quality of training of the most demanding in the field of photography and image). This is how, with his teachers and renowned photographers, I perfected my eye and my art...

Today, enriched by these experiences, I embarked on this adventure of artistic entrepreneurship for more than 10 years.

I am honored to be the witness of your most precious moments in life: the complicity of two lovers, the looks of a couple exchanged on the day of their union, a rounded belly, the beauty of a newborn, a child full of energy who grimaces, a family bursting out with laughter and united, your poses during your photo book, ... Photography is not a choice it's a vocation, for me photography is a frame, a point of view, an ephemeral lapse of time during which the magic operates, a unique moment for you and for me...

The studio

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06 11 01 86 29 // 04 13 07 95 50

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9 a.m. - 1 p.m.   WITHOUT APPOINTMENT

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